Turkish Ceramic Art has an important place in Art history. It is first 

started in 8th-9th century during Uyghur Turks and had a main change

during Anatolian Selchuks.

Today Turkish Ceramic Art is made in Turkey with keeping the traditional figures and colors on new handmade ceramic tiles. Each tile is hand-painted by experienced artisans by one by.

Now we take custom tile orders and make these beautiful pieces for modern homes, restaurants and hotels. You can choose from many different tile options and you can even customize colors & design, we can make any design that you dream of!

If you would like to learn more or order handmade Turkish Ceramic Tiles with the sizes that you would like, please contact us;


UK                                         1-3 days

Europe                                 1-3 days

U.S. /Canada                       2-4 days

South America                    2-5 days

Rest of the World               2-5 days

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